The Volkswagen Polo R5 THX Racing went full out for victory through to the end of the Rally van Haspengouw


The opening round of the 2019 Belgian Rally Championship saw a splendid duel between the two top VW Polo R5 machines. At the wheel of the model entered by THX Racing, Cédric Cherain and Pierre Sibille clocked up no less than six scratches, largely adding their contribution to the splendid one-two of the German cars.

As was to be expected the battle for victory started off as from the first race metres and was on-going in the region of Landen. “We know that Kris Princen is a strong adversary on his home ground, Lionel Hansen, THX Racing’s technical boss explained. We had asked Cédric Cherain not to take any risks, but rather to become fully acquainted with the Polo R5’s handling. As from the third special stage he was on a par with Princen, building up the scratches as from the beginning of the second loop. His small mistake in a section we knew to be decisive, without any consequences apart from some time lost, sealed the outcome of the race. Congratulations to Kris Princen, who remains one of the most formidable rivals, and from our side, the Cherain-Sibille duo completed the job, clocking up no less than six scratches, proof that the performance was on hand straight from the start. They finished 17’’6 down on the winner who did not make a single mistake. Goes to show the intensity of the battle … “

From his side Cédric Cherain was delighted with his first experience at the wheel of the Polo R5 THX Racing… “First and foremost, I must mention then never in the past have I had the opportunity to collaborate with a team boasting such a demanding level and care taken down to the smallest details, the Fléron based driver commented.  It goes without saying that to hope to beat Kris Princen at the Haspengouw event, everything needs to be perfect. It therefore just boiled down to a small error of trajectory, because for the rest, everything was up to scratch, be it the team or the car. Together with Pierre Sibille, we completed our assignment, and as from now I hope to clash with Princen on terrain I know even better, a question of grabbing a sparkling revenge. One thing is for sure: a race under such conditions suits me down to the ground!

THX Racing is delighted to have enlivened this Rally van Haspengouw 2019, which quite clearly demonstrated that the Volkswagen Polo R5 is a highborn car …